At present 7.2 Million (8,8%) foreigners live in Germany and this number is steadily rising. Increasingly we are becoming aware that today’s managers must implement strategies that foster better cooperation among members of a culturally diverse workforce: “Corporate survival and prosperity increasingly depend on our ability to interact and manage people of different cultures, locally, regionally, nationally and globally. To survive, not only all leaders but all workers must adopt a global-centric attitude to work. They must develop a multicultural perspective, an international knowledge base and a global imagination—in other words, cultural literacy.”.

This training seminar will help you discover how differences can greatly affect the dynamics of teamwork, decision making, risk undertaking. This seminar will equip you with all you need to know in order to adequately adapt your managerial skills to the unique needs of your diverse group. Find out how to communicate, motivate and manage conflict across cultural boundaries. Get proven techniques to help you function as team—and turn differences which appear as challenges into untapped opportunities to boost creativity and productivity.


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