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EuroAfrica Media Network is established to counter the perpetual misrepresentation of Africa in the western media whereby Africa is often seen or presented ignorantly as a country in which nothing else reigns other than disaster, hunger, diseases and wild animals roaming in the Savannah. EuroAfricaMedia Network places great emphasis on enduring both education and mass communication measures because we recognize that much harm has been done to Africa by extrinsic elements. Over decades, many saddening images have been portrayed and blood-curdling tales told about Africa. Many Africans in the Diaspora know that these images often do not reflect the realities of their respective countries in Africa where they grew up.get involved

Consequently, EAM Network focuses on these neglected positive aspects, which matter so much for Africans, with the aim of correcting the long-polluted minds and to encourage more intercultural understanding with all people worldwide. We look forward to co-producing African related programmes and Documentaries with Europeans and all non Africans  around the world with the goal of creating a more positive portraits of Africa.

EACN is a global community of volunteer writers, journalists, code programmers, translators, philanthropists, and community leaders with a passion for Africa.  This global community strives for a peaceful, social, cultural exchange and understanding worldwide. We are all working together with a shared goal: to create a fair, more open and democratic arena for the world to better understand Africa and its people. We'd love to have you get involved — where and how could you make the most impact?  …..Please read on!

Recently, through feedback from our respective home countries in Africa, The EuroAfricaMedia Network has observed the revival of the once thriving slave trade routes across West Africa after a lapse of 25 years. Slavers have reappeared following the old slave trade routes, except that trucks, jeeps and modern four-wheel drive vehicles and, on occasions, aircraft, have replaced the camels. The slavers often carry with them modern technological devices such as mobile telephones, etc. Some things, however, have not changed: Cunning deceit, the use of drugs to subdue the children, and the whip all remain part of the essential equipment of the professional slaver. The trade involves most states in sub-Saharan western Africa. The children are kidnapped or purchased for $20 - $70 each by slavers in poorer states, such as Benin and Togo. They are then sold into slavery in sex dens or as unpaid domestic servants for $350.00 each in wealthier oil-rich states, such as Nigeria and Gabon.

These children are not only bought and sold as slaves - they are denied an education, the chance to play or to use toys like other children, and the right to a future.  Their lives are at the mercy of their masters, and suicide is often the only escape. It is EuroAfrica Media Network´s determination and goal to help with activities to halt the slavery and trafficking of women and children in African countries. The EAC receives no government funding.  It relies totally on donations raised from members of the public and on the work of unpaid volunteers.  We are most grateful to learn that more and more world citizens care and want to lend us a helping hand. Below is a listing of some of the many ways others could join our effort and participate effectively in the projects of the EuroAfricaMedia Network.

You can join the push for freedom and help stop female circumcision in African Countries and the enslavement of women and children by either becoming a member of the EuroAfricaMedia Network, making a donation for its charitable purposes, or becoming a volunteer.



Get Involved! .....WHAT CAN I DO?  - You can join the fight against media bias against Africa/Africans and slavery as a consumer, a teacher, a parent, a student, a labour unionist, an individual, as a member of your youth group, as a member of your church, a graphic artist, a photographer — or by becoming a member, making a donation or becoming a volunteer.

Other ways to make a difference include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Organizing a chapter or branch of EAMN in your locality.
  • Organizing a benefit and awareness concert.
  • Organizing a morning tea.
  • Remembering the EuroAfricaMedia Network in your will.

Individuals may:
Join the organization to rescue children from slavery and bonded child labour and stop the trafficking of women and children, Join EACN to stop media bias against Africa and Africans.
Make a donation to EACN development projects that are working to eradicate child labour.
Write to the Obama Administration, your Senator or House Representative raising these issues.
Seek media attention — television, radio, newspapers (including your local newspaper) and magazines — in dealing with the issues of the worst forms of child labour.
Enlist the help of public personalities in their media appearances to promote respect for girls and children: Stop female mutilation/circumzision and to make people aware of the worst forms of child labour.

Parents are urged to:
Make your children aware of the worst forms of child labour.
Get your children interested in the Society’s campaigns.
Make your children, friends and relatives etc aware of the dangers of ethnic discrimination and prejudice against Africans and other minorities.
Invite The EAMN Founder/CEO Chris Ezeh for a talk in your School, University or during an important social community event in your locality.

Teachers, heads of schools, colleges or univerisities are urged to:
Teach your class about the worst forms of child labour in different parts of the world.
Use various methods, including art exhibitions, essay competitions and the Internet, to bring home the damaging consequences of slavery-like practices and the worst forms of child labour. Invite The EAMN Founder/CEO Chris Ezeh for a talk in your School, University or or during an important social community event in your locality on the themes like - discrimination and stereotypes or child slavery.

High School Students may:
Become one of the Society's representatives within their community.
Members of youth groups could take advantage of special occasions to focus attention on problems of exploitation through slavery-like practices.
Members of Church Groups may:
Mobilize interested members to campaign against child slavery, the worst forms of child labour, and the trafficking in children.

Labour unionist may:
Mobilize interested members to campaign against the worst forms of child labour.
Support the work of your union and the AFL-CIO (the TUC in the UK, the ACTU in Australia, etc) in its campaigns against child labour.

Graphic artists may:
Assist the Society with preparation of a child labour comic for primary or elementary school children.

Photographers may:
Assist with photographic work.
You can always help by making a donation or by volunteering.  You can nominate which of the organisation's projects in African countries you would like to fund. If you wish, you could participate in forming local committees or State Chapters or with suggesting possible local organizers.

Concerts could be organized to raise funds to help children in Africa. Morning teas – If your children have grown up and you have sufficient time, you could — as some of our members do — organize morning teas to raise funds for EACN´s work. FIGHTING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, GENITAL MUTILATION OF WOMEN AND THE ENSLAVEMENT OF CHILDREN IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TOO! You can become a member of the EACN and join the struggle towards freedom for children in servitude particularly in Africa and throughout the world in general.

Become active – Party with EACN Environmental Protection Project- Plant a tree in West Africa and help reduce CO2
Ways to Get Involved You can help
What are you passionate about? Be it writing, filmmaking, website development, or getting your friends and family involved, there is an important role for you to play.

Blog about us. Engage your bloggers in thoughtful debates of the issues surrounding global poverty. Telling them about EACN’s many innovative solutions to fighting poverty, and invite them to share their own. Check out our resources for bloggers.

Talk about us on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or other social networking sites. By telling your friend and family about EuroAfricaMedia Network, you can raise awareness of the urgency of ending poverty. Make a video telling us why ending poverty or why Journalists should emphasize a positive Africa is important to you. Post it to YouTube and send it to us, so we can share it with our supporters and post it to our blog.

Send a photo of your travels in a developing country.  Send it to us and tell us about your journey so we can share your passion with others.
Organize a "Friendraiser” and raise awareness and funds for EuroAfrica Media Network by hosting a fun event. Learn more and obtain our toolkit, a guide on organizing a successful event.

Have an idea for us? Send it along. We are always looking for creative ways to energize our supporters to Stop Poverty Now.

  • Spread the word about EAMN
  • Send a free e-card
  • Organize a “friend-raiser”
  • Spread the word on Facebook
  • E-mail a page to a friend
  • Use del.icio.us to raise awareness
  • Feature us on your blog

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Whatever your interest, here are some ways to spread the word:

Send a free e-card
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Join us on Facebook
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