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We are experts at crafting Press Releases which call to action. Let us tell your story in words that people want to hear and generate the response you need to make your business or project a huge success.

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We specialise in European/African Media Publicity. We will give you over 15+ manual press release submissions. If you need more, please contact us so we can add extra services for you.

Market Research: Find Top German Suppliers/ProductsBusiness researchjpgFind the Best Top German Suppliers of any Product for you. Made in Germany is cult and a brand one can be very proud of because this stands for quality. I am a German professional with over 20 years of business experience and living in Hamburg, Germany.

SUTTERLIN TRANSCRIPTIONSsutterlin script2Transcription+Translation Service of (Old German Scripts): Did you find a letter from your ancestors written in old German handwriting (Sütterlin, Kurrent)? Or are you doing genealogy and got stuck with the German parish registers? Old German texts are very hard to read if you are unfamiliar with the language and the script, but the texts can provide valuable information for genealogical and historical research.

Professional German - English translationsTranslations22 Do you need a professional, high-quality translation from native German, English and Swedish speakers?  Then you are on the right page!!   Our priority is 100% client satisfaction!  Our teams are native speakers and professional translators of major European Languages. This means:  Your job will be done by a great translation team of 20 native Germans, ten native English and 6 Americans

Professional SEO-Article-Writing ServicesArtcle writing SEO
Besides writing great press releases, our media professionals will write – branch-relevant articles to boost your online presence.
Important points to Consider: Today, one can outsource article marketing to many freelancers but beware, if you don´t engage professionals to do this, you might be the loser in the end!

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Looking for a great professional who understands what PR is all about to write or re-write & fine-tune your Press Release?
Then you´re on the right page! You will get from us a 100% hand-written PR from professional Journalists working in the best media organizations

Research, Find out Things for You in Germany or Lagos/Nigeriaresesearch2

Want to monitor your branch office in Germany? Get an idea of how things are going etc.? Looking for specific information in Germany or Nigeria? Need to be there personally and get things done as if you were there? If you need to find out information about a particular