How to survive and make the best of ‘Hard Times’ in difficult times

How to survive and make the best of ‘Hard Times’ in difficult times

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Our life is a series of peaks and valleys. At times you’re up, at certain times you’re down. However it’s during the tough times that we require additional support and direction. The wisest, most loving & happiest people you have ever been acquainted to are usually people who have known anguish ,defeat, and the heartbreak or the loss of someone they cherished yet, they made their way out of such deep hopelessness.

When tough times hit, and the difficulties you confront are terrific ,you may either allow your circumstances define you, allow it to it destroy you or let it fortify you. I personally think that it is the way you respond in those moments of defeat that actually defines the kind of person you are.

When you are able improve your capacity to survive the difficult times in one whole, you not simply live a much happier life, but you also develop as a person. Lots of people have had so many highs and lows ,and have earned an appreciation, awareness ,and knowledge of life that fills them with compassion, understanding and a deep loving wisdom. No one is born like this; people develop such qualities over the course of time. Below are few tips that are easily overlooked by people but are powerful enough to get you through the hard times :

1. Accept that problem is part of life ,and it helps you grow:
We have been educated from a young age that all pain is evil and destructive .However ,we have to feel pain, just as we must feel alive and loved. Pain is designed to wake us up. You will only learn how tough you are when becoming strong is the sole option you have. It’s all in the way you respond when ever things don’t go as planned.

2. Your greatest fears don’t truly exist:
When situations are challenging it might be difficult to follow your heart and take yet another step, but it’s a bad fortune to let the lies of panic hinder you. First accept that you are scared of something, and then just decide to forge ahead even as your fear stares you in the face.

3. Use your Sense of Creativeness:
There are occasions when you can’t do much to alter your plight .You just have to cope with it .If you take a step back and observe the larger picture, you may unravel some things that can assist you.

4. Realize that amazing things take time:
Instant gratifications are hardly ever the best results.
If your wishes were normally satisfied instantly ,you would have nothing to look ahead to .You will miss the pleasures of hope and development .Remember, endurance is not about waiting; it’s the capacity to maintain an excellent attitude while working very hard for that which you believe in. It’s the determination to remain concentrated ,confidently attempting one small step at a stretch .

5. There will always be something to be grateful for:
Life is much better when you’re cheerful .Staying positive in an adverse situation is not ignorance; it’s an indication of leadership as well as strength. You’re doing it right when you have a lot to yell and panic about, however you prefer to smile and value your life instead. Consider all the loveliness you can find near you ,see it and laugh. Appreciate all the little things in your life, because whenever you put them all together you will observe how important they are. At the end of the day, it’s not happiness which makes us grateful ,but thankfulness that makes us completely happy .

I sincerely hope that with these 5 points in place in your life, the pressure of any hard times will be felt less by you. Thanks for reading.