Best Business ideas for African Countries

Best Business ideas for African Countries

best business ideas
if you can plan and tap into the huge available market, Africa is an incredibly resourceful continent with an outstanding return on investments.

The trouble that confronts numerous people however is not recognizing the right African business idea to invest in.This write-up is therefore geared towards enlightening tomorrow’s billionaires whose source of gold mine will be the rick black African continent. The recent trends of startup businesses in Africa suggests that the most successful business ideas are built around solving Africa's pressing problems and supplying everyday needs of people. In case you're looking for a commercial enterprise concept that will become a successful one in Africa, it is best you start creating a list of problems in your country and think about innovative and convenient approaches to solve them. Five effective strategies for getting business ideas that work for Africa

Identify A Problem And Provide An Answer.
Africa has a pool of problems and shortcomings which usually affects all segments of society, including people of influence. As an aspiring African entrepreneur they may be your biggest opportunities!

Here is an instance of an African who did that: ‘Christina Khasinah-Odero from Kenya couldn’t find anyone to give any ideas as a new mother in 2010. Then she founded to fill this gap. This platform features information, products, and regular events for professional Kenyan mums and she has since won many business awards in her country.

Duplicate Successful Business Ideas

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel! Look for very successful business innovations that have just been established recently and replicate that idea in another dynamic African market by adjusting the concept to fit the needs of your country.     Explore Extreme Niches in the Most Dynamic Industries
Seek an extreme business idea in fast rising sectors (like agriculture, ICT, Real estate, Fast-Moving Consumer Products e.t.c) study it – and OWN it! The more extreme the niche gets, the less competition you will find as you are innovating a rare concept and your customers or clients are found in a very small market segment.

Pioneer Ideas That Work in the Western Countries
Africans are more and more adopting Western life and make demands for products and services used in the West. A lot of those products are imported and offered expensively or not available at all.  You can as well import such goods and services to your country. Some of such products include frozen pizza and party food, frozen chips, fresh sausages, sweets, smoothies, baby food, toys, high-end women’s underwear. Just walk through a supermarket or browse the internet and look at the things that are very popular in the West and that could be easily produced in Africa.      

Generate Ideas That Feed Into Already-Funded Plans By Powerful Players in an Industry
There are various pan-African development projects that are backed by development banks, governments, and bilateral partners. They are very well received and backed up with readily available funding. Take a tactical approach and deliberately generate a business idea that taps right into such national and regional objectives driven by governments and other significant industry players.

Innovative Business ideas for that would work in Africaa. Alternative source of Energy
b. Alternative sources of fuel
c. Fuel Savers
d. Importation and Exportation
e. Processed and Packaged foods Business
f. Selling Used items
g. Meat Packaging and Delivery:
i. Security Services
j. Real Estate
k. Procurement Services:
l. Haulage and Transportation Services
m. Data Encryption and Protection
n. Fast Food / Supermarket Franchise
o. Cloth Making
p. Educational Consultancy Services
q. Travel Consultancy services
r. Recruitment Agency
s. E-Commerce
t. Financial Services
u. Survey and Data Collection:
You are the next billionaire the African continent is waiting for….TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORN!