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EAC-Network Registration Form
  1. This form must be filled by all candidates who wish to work or be part of the oppotunities offered by the EuroAfrica Media Network.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Please follow the instructions carefully and fill the form below. Remember to answer all questions asked in the form. You must upload a profile photo in this form otherwise, application is not valid.
    Please note: All fields marked with (*) must be filled out, hence you can´t send this form

  2. Title
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  3. Name(*)
    Your name!
  4. Surname(*)
    Your Surname!
  5. Date of Birth(*)
    Your date of birth is needed
  6. Firm
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  7. e-mail address (*)
    Your e-mail address!
  8. Confirm E-mail Address(*)
    Confirm E-mail Address
  9. Password(*)
  10. Confirm Password(*)
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  11. Address(*)
    Your address!
  12. Postal Code (*)
    Postal code!
  13. Town(*)
    Your town!
  14. Country/Nationality(*)
    Your country!
  15. Country of Residence at the moment(*)
    The where you live now is missing!
  1. Web site
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  2. Telephone number(*)
    Telephone number!
  3. Cell phone (*)
  4. Fax Number
    Fax Number
  5. Please give FULL details about yourself below.
  6. Languages spoken & level of fluency (native language, second language, good, passable)(*)
    Languages spoken!
  7. Last Educational Qualification(*)
    Last educational qualification!
  8. Marital status(*)
    Your marital status!
  9. Present occupation(*)
    Present occupation!
  10. Please check any of the following if they are important to you.

  11. Special wishes (*)

    Please complete details on wishes above!
  12. Allergy or disease? details(*)
    Write known allergy or disease?
    If yes, - Any known allergy or disease? Please give complete details here in box.
  13. Next of Kin: Please give accurately as possible complete detailed information about your Next of Kin below

  14. Next of Kin (Name)(*)
    Next of Kin (Name)!
  15. Kin/Address(*)
    Address of Next of Kin!
  16. Kin/Telephone(*)
    Telephone number(Kin)!
  17. Kin /Cell Phone(*)
    Kin/Cell phone
  18. E-mail Next of Kin(*)
    Next of Kin E-mail!
  1. Logistics: To facilitate correct preparation, we need detailed information for Planning. Please answer all questions.

  2. You can start: (*)
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  3. Volunteer Duration(*)
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  4. Total Volunteer period(*)
    Duration of volunteer at EACN?
  5. Upload Passport Photo(*)
    Upload passport (Profile photo)!
  6. Upload CV/Resume
    Upload CV/Resume!
  7. Upload any relevant documents
    Upload financial evidence / letter from sponsor etc!
  8. Other Details: Please write below further details for processing your application.

  9. Int. organisations experience?(*)
    Previous Experience with International Humanitarian Aid Missions?
    Have you got any experience with international media, aid/voluntary missions, developing or foreign countries?
  10. Engement with Social Media(*)

    Invalid Input
    Have you got any experience work with maintain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts to support our project?
  11. Describe your Web Expertise(*)
    Describe your Web Experience!
    Write here: Your Web Experience in Web Design, CMS, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Dreamweaver, PHP, HTML, Windows Office etc
  12. Volunteer Area of Interest(*)

    Please complete details on your EACN Volunteer specialization above!
  13. Why do you want to join this Project? (*)
    Why do you want to join this Project?
  14. Comments, Feedback, Questions
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  1. How did you know about us?(*)
    How did you know about us?
  2. Secutrity Code(*)
    Secutrity Code RefreshPlease fill in the security code!

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