Do You Want a Professional Website For Your Business?
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Ezehweb provides business website design services for all size and types of business. We offer complete advertising solutions combining effective web design, and online promotion. We believe in working very closely with our clients and we offer a high quality service before, during and after the work has been completed. .

Besides normal services for businesses, private individuals and organisations, we provide a range of internet services specially adapted for the needs of medical professionals. We offer counselling, web strategy plans or special concept websites for these professionals fields e.g. for medical doctors, pharmacists, therapists and allied groups. We are able to deliver this special service because the core-team of EAC-Ezehweb Design consists of top web designers and professional medical specialists.

Web Designing/Development:
We can handle the designing of your web page or site. The difference between the two is simply that, a web site has its own unique domain name and is independently hosted, and a web page is an appendage (one of the pages) to a web site. Web pages can be put in a folder and the assembly presented as a web site. .

We don't like giving generalised price quotations, because every customer has different needs. However, the cost for creating a website ranges from Euro. 480.00 to Euro.20, 000.00 depending on the number of pages to be created, and on the complexity of the site involved For a example, a site with an e-commerce component with shopping cart and merchant account is time intensive and more expensive to design than a personal site, family or corporate non e-commerce sites with minimal pages. .

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