This will commence as soon as possible once all formalities as described above are cleared. Normally in cases of the operation or in combination with pain surgery it may be necessary to begin treatment a few days before the planned date of the operation. .

 A preliminary investigation will be carried out on the first day of your treatment when you will be examined in detail. The existing conditions will be checked and this will be cross-checked with the info you provided in your earlier enquiry form sent to us. The concerned medical doctor will discuss your therapy, operation, diagnosis etc and the duration of your treatment in full detail with you. .

Please advise us of your time of arrival in Hamburg so that we can make arrangements to meet you with our own service car or ambulance and take you to your hotel or to the clinic.


Before your arrival we will make sure that all preparations are made in order to ensure a hitch-free arrival and fast fulfilment of your medical treatment goals. Based on your data in the enquiry form, the following will be an essential part of our pre-arrival arrangements:

  •  Clarity on visa/residence-permit status
  •  German medical insurance for patient and escort person(s)
  •  Accommodation arrangements
  •  Transport arrangements from airport
  •  Clarity on (culturally adapted) Food preferences

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