Chris Ezeh BA (Hons) Mass Communication.Chris Ezeh2
The coach/Trainer is a Journalist, Media Publisher and Intercultural Medicine/Health Mediator and lecturer, Intercultural Trainer and Coach in Hamburg Germany. He works as a Health Consultant and Executive Director of the EuroAfrica Media Network Europe

He studied in Nigeria and Germany and after graduation in journalism and mass communication he worked in different positions in the Nigerian Media - The Guardian Newspapers Ltd., Nigerian Television Authority and later, for the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) Germany.

He founded in 2004 the EuroAfrica Media Network ( and became the editor of the Great EuroAfrica-Magazine Online ( EuroAfricaCentral Network is set up against the perpetual, one-sided, negative presentation of Africa in western,.

The EuroAfricaCentral Network is a unique, African media organization operating from Europe and serving a worldwide audience via its two bilingual portals (International Page - in English and Local Page - in German).

EuroAfrica Media Network is a united Network of world-wide, European and African Professionals from different fields of specialization, working together with a very strong conviction to make a great difference in the world. EAMN has more than 125 correspondents and professionals and about 35 active volunteers world-wide. The activities of the network are on a 24/7 media based and mostly online piloted by the best motivated young talents of the information age.
Since inception in 2004, Mr Ezeh has employed the EuroAfricaCentral Network to develop and implement projects through far-reaching discussions, researches, seminars and presentations, which serve as a tool to address social, health and environmental and intercultural challenges in our globalised world. He Ezeh has conducted educational training in African Countries and Europe, to expose and address ethnic discrimination and prejudice in western media.

EAMN unites those who believe in the African “Live and let live” philosophy which lives in African Ubuntu Tradition.  UBUNTU is an ancient African communal social construct that simply means “I am because we are”  “That giving is Sharing and Sharing is Caring”

In December 2009, he qualified as Intercultural Health Mediator certified by the Office for Social, Family and Health Affairs Hamburg Germany. In collaboration with RbP–Berlin  (Registrierungsstelle beruflich Pflegender GmbH  since 2009, he has been offering courses on the subject of intercultural Coaching and “Intercultural Care“ for nursing, therapists in the health care system, medical institutions, managers, management personnel and other multiplicators mediators throughout Germany.

In his Seminars, he brings in his versed experience in the training so that an intensive, practical - live atmosphere is created for the participants. He has amassed a wealth of experience through his different professional activities and above all, he has a great personal interest, to sensitize participants on possible cultural bottlenecks and help clear misunderstandings and barriers between Europeans and Africans through the use of intercultural skills.

His Training as a health professional in Germany and Graduate of Media Communication and Journalism allow him to think in health as well as in complicated, medical, technical spheres: As a journalist, his heart beats for details and complex cultural issues. The Communication/Media Manager in him asks for why? Audience? Content? Milestones and the cost/benefit analysis? As a native African with over 25 years of professional European work experience, he translates the daily challenges in three languages on two continents simultaneously.


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