intercultural euroafricaConsider the following example:You just got a new assignment from your company. Your mission is to manage the local subsidiary in one of the emerging African cities. This Assignment will last some years and you have the option to renew and to move to another African country. Of course, you have already planned that your family will be following later. You and your family have compared and weighed all the risks and chances before taking this decision. Shortly after the relocation you and each member of the family experience real stress: isolation, different working environment, adjustment difficulties, culture shock, homesickness, fear of the foreign culture, loneliness, and mental stress that put your performance and success of the assignment in doubt!


We established The EACN Multi-Cultural Institute because we want to achieve the following: 

  • Extensive training and experience in intercultural competence and its assessing tools.
  • Actual and up-to-date worldwide overview in intercultural competence.
  • Exchange of experiences in seminars, on our sites, and individually.
  • To improve the sensitivity and knowledge of the the African Culture versus European /other norms.
  • Prevention of wrong decisions and corporate damage (human resources and business contacts).
  • Contacts of EACN to other organizations or bodies worldwide working on intercultural communication.
  • Better results for your company or organization by increasing negotiation- and communication-skills, intuition,
  • improved recognition of the essentials and potentials hidden in diversity, higher productivity and motivation. 

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Why The EuroAfricaCentral Network Multi-cultural Institute? - Here is an overview of Our services:
The EuroAfricaCentral Network places great emphasis on intercultural understanding across cultures in Germany and in Europe. To make this understanding a reality we created The EuroAfricaCentral Network Multi-cultural Institute. In order to completely examine the issue of Intercultural Competence, including sensitivity, knowledge and ability to communicate successfully with people across cultures in Europe especially, people from African background and or with African mentality.

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