Seminars: Intercultural Competence Training for African Countries

intercultural euroafricaConsider the following example:You just got a new assignment from your company. Your mission is to manage the local subsidiary in one of the emerging African cities. This Assignment will last some years and you have the option to renew and to move to another African country. Of course, you have already planned that your family will be following later. You and your family have compared and weighed all the risks and chances before taking this decision. Shortly after the relocation you and each member of the family experience real stress: isolation, different working environment, adjustment difficulties, culture shock, homesickness, fear of the foreign culture, loneliness, and mental stress that put your performance and success of the assignment in doubt!


This is a typical situation, which many expatriates have experienced. In our two-day seminar you and your family will be prepared for the cross-cultural differences between your own culture and the African cultural patterns in diverse areas of daily and working life and which issues are related to living and working abroad, relocating and settling.


  • You will receive practical answers through action-oriented approach to the following questions:
  • What should I expect in a new African target country?
  • What are the formalities, and the documents I need?
  • How do I prepare before the relocation and which services can I claim?
  • How is the daily life in my new African country? What about health care?
  • Which kind of recreational opportunities can be found there?
  • What are the no-goes and no-does? Which kind of behavior should be avoided?
  • What is the role of religion in the society and how religious orientation influences the daily life of the people?
  • What are the differences in working life and style? What do the natives expect from a Western expatriate?
  • What about social integration?
  • Which experiences have others had in African countries?
  • How can I improve my skills to provide solutions, guidelines and techniques to build cross-cultural teams?

Tailored content
Upon booking, you will be emailed a pre-seminar questionnaire which will help to us define your specific cross-cultural communications needs and adapt the content of the seminar according to your needs.

Who should attend?
International managers, employees and entrepreneurs, married couples or individuals who:
Want to move or to live and work in an African country.
Sell to, buy from, or negotiate with African business partners for long-term
Are in international assignment and relocation programmes.

Seminar Methods
Combination of lectures, practical examples, Interactive Simulation, experiences, questions, discussions and team work on case studies.

Seminar Language:
This seminar can be offered in one of the three following languages:
English and or German

The pre-seminar questions can be in German or English

Venue and Dates
Our seminars will be held in a conference room in Hamburg. Please enquire from us about current date and further information.The seminars can either be booked in-company or as customized training sessions any time worldwide!

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