Seminars/Workshops: Successful Communication With African Partners

Seminar Content:
This 2-day seminar helps Western business people recognize the hidden cultural obstacles and understand Africans better. It will also help you to communicate successfully, learn to work together and build solid partnerships. What are the key point to note in dealing with African Countries?

  • The different attitudes in different African cultures ie mentality and the way of thinking.
  • How the Africans see themselves and how they see the "Europeans": Identifying dominant stereotypes.
  • Cross-cultural differences: comparative cultural patterns and values.
  • Religion and its importance in society: Islamic Values and their role in business life.
  • The role of women in African societies: between tradition, religion and mentality
  • Business etiquette: greeting, business dinner, gifts, business cards, invitations.
  • As a Western woman in the African world: Dos and Don´ts
  • What is to be considered when talking about religion and politics - Geographical regions and norms
  • The role of trust in cross-cultural context and its values for African Business Partners.
  • The role of time in cross-cultural communication and its values for African Business Partners.
  • Building relationships of trust and avoiding cultural blunders.
  • Management and motivation of African employees, co-workers and their expectations.
  • Dealing with Uncertainty , disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • The best preparation for meetings and negotiations with African partners.
  • Communicate with African customers, suppliers, partners in person and via phone, fax, email.
  • Manage teams/employees on site or remote
  • Participate at exhibitions/trade fairs in African countries.

Seminar Methods
Combination of lectures, practical examples, Interactive Simulation, experiences, questions, discussions and team work on case studies.

Seminar Language - This seminar can be offerd in  English or German
The pre-seminar questions can be in German or English and our seminars will be held in conference rooms in Hamburg Please ask us for the current date and any further information you might need! The seminars can be booked for groups or as customized training sessions any time worldwide!

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