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Why The EuroAfricaCentral Network Multi-cultural Institute? - Here is an overview of Our services:
The EuroAfricaCentral Network places great emphasis on intercultural understanding across cultures in Germany and in Europe. To make this understanding a reality we created The EuroAfricaCentral Network Multi-cultural Institute. In order to completely examine the issue of Intercultural Competence, including sensitivity, knowledge and ability to communicate successfully with people across cultures in Europe especially, people from African background and or with African mentality. .
To throw more light on psychological factors, human rights, economical influences, communication methods and their effects, Public Relations and media-work. Specific characteristics of main African cultures: Thinking patterns, behaviours, expressions, religion, ethics, moral; different medical approaches to diseases, Health and psychiatric treatments.

We offer introductory seminars and Webinars on the different definitions of freedom, and the search for the sense of life, faith and happiness in different cultures, individual consulting, coaching, analysis and cultural auditing for enterprises, personnel selection, assessments and we prepare you for stays in African Countries or help you with African business-negotiation strategy preparation.

 Comparison of existing tools, further information and recommendation and offering specific approved tools to assess intercultural competence.

We offer Intercultural Medical Communication, Cross-Cultural Nursing and Cross Cultural Communication Seminars, coaching or counseling not only to make medical professionals “culturally sensitive” in their dealings but equally, to ensure that therapy procedures and concepts in clinics or other health institutions are culturally adaptable and acceptable without overt or introvert cultural conflicts with foreign patients or medical staff.
1.Intercultural Medical Communication, Cross-Cultural Nursing: What must you be aware of? 

 Themes of Our Major Intercultural Seminars and Workshops

  •   Managing a multicultural project in Germany - The EACN Team of Cultural Experts will help you.
  •   Managing Projects in a foreign African Country - We will give you the needed fundamentals.
  •   Our Tips and Counseling section is always ready to help with Cross Cultural Communication issues.
  •   Business with African Partners - How to cope with the conflicts areas?
  •   Tips for Teaching or working with Africans from diverse cross-cultural backgrounds.
  •   De-escalation Tips for Multi-cultural Conflicts eg, in schools, at work, and in free time-activity environment.
  •   Partnership: We offer intercultural partnership conflicts couselling for Binational bicultural  Marriages /couples. 

                                      Further Details of Our Services

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