African Language Courses: Learn Like a Spy - Pass for a Native!

sprachkurs-eacnEuroAfricaMedia Network pilots a new project on African Language Courses in Germany. The coursesare aimed at helping people who want to learn and speak Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba and other African Languages quickly within a short time. Our new courses took over 7 years to develop and are now being used successfully










by our web users  Our courses are both virtual and live courses. Students can register for courses online and those who live in Hamburg can come for probation training. The courses are also tailored to meet the needs of travelers and business professionals everywhere. They're so effective, you have nothing to lose!  We advise for early registration because we have very limited offers available.
Get everything you need:
•    fluency-oriented lessons via audio visuals
•    No boring repetition, charts or meaningless formulas
•    Over 26000 satisfied users since 2004

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We are looking for qualified, reliable and competent teachers for Wollof, Swahili Twi and Hausa Language courses has been running since May 2012. Candidates must be native speakers and fluent in German and English langauges. If you feel you can take up this challenge please click here to fill our EAC Network Volunteer Registration Form                             

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